Snippet of a Conversation

“‘The sun shone, without any alternative, on the nothing new.’ Hey, don’t you think this is completely what college was like for us?”

“What do you mean?” My sister quizzically scrunching up her nose asked me. She always screwed and scrunched up her nose when she asked a question.

“Well what I really feel I cannot describe but vaguely speaking…Oh wait my coffee has boiled…yeah…what was I saying…Yeah…I was saying that don’t you think our college life was very boring. I mean think of it. Can you tell me of one interesting episode from college…?”

“Remember that one time when…”

“Oh please is that the only one episode which we are going to narrate to our grandchildren. We are going to be boring grandmothers, are sulky mothers and were invisible girls.”

“Yeah that and possibly one more…”

“Which one…I’m sure I’m not forgetting any. And that is because there isn’t any.”

“You remember that one time when…oh wait there is someone at the door…Yeah that one particular time when Missis Bannerjee, our English professor, fell off her chair, hit her head against the desk, her glasses shattered as she tumbled onto the ground…And then…”

“Woah…So that is your idea of an interesting episode worth to be retold our grandchildren.”

“Possibly one more time…”


“Remember that one time when we went to d-school and that really good looking Stephanian looked and noticed us for three long seconds.”

“Aki enough of your ‘possibly one more times’…”

“Oh! Remember that one time when class representative of ours…like do you remember that controversy around her and supposed boyfriend.”

“Akanksha what does that have to do with us? So my conclusion… our grandchildren are going without any tales…”

“Possibly another story…”

“I think I am going to hang up. My class has come. But I won’t call you back. You talk gibberish. Bye.”

“Possibly one more time…”


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