new beginnings?

1. finally back in delhi. back in my tiny apartment which is even tinier now that my landlord has decided to convert the living room into another bedroom without any rent cut. so it is a bit appalling and claustrophobic. however my room is as great as always. quite windy even in the summer heat.

2. met my new flatmate for the first time. we had a blind live-in. almost. she seems okay. a bit different from me but i think we shall get along quite fine. and maybe some good parties ahead.

3. been reading articles on the web about casual relationships and sex. over the weekend a friend of 13 years visited and “one thing led to another” (to be sung with country acoustics) and contemplating if casual is what i need at this point in life.

4. i still need to begin writing my dissertation and begin having a more healthy relationship with my supervisor and not hide and run away from him every time i haven’t done my work.

5. have a much leaner body now thanks to jogging. i am finally one of those people who are always waxing eloquent on the importance of being fit and how running is a meditative process for them.

6. changed the name of the blog. oscillating wildly sounds more like my thang.




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