Denys the Menace!

I have hardly had anytime for the blog for the past couple of days as I have been busy making trips to the library in a last moment rush to finish my research paper for this semester. To add to all that worry my research guide called me for a meeting a day before the deadline to declare that while my paper was very good, the nature of it was very different from what the university needed for this coursework.

I of course was flabbergasted on hearing this. a day before the deadline. If it was any consolation he added the paper I had already written could very well be a chapter in my dissertation. But no I did not want a chapter for my dissertation but a paper on the survey of historical sources I wished to use in my dissertation. Big difference. Denys of course was helpful enough to suggest that I ask the MPhil coordinator for a deadline extension and how he would put in a word for me.

Very obviously I have not gotten around to asking for an extension, finding such special treatment unfair. So it’s a crazy busy night ahead. And here’s hoping that Denys will better communicate his ideas to me in the future and also not reject my “futile” work of three months.



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